Campbelltown Physio Clinics

Campbelltown Physio ClinicsPhysiotherapy clinics these days are a dime a dozen but one physio clinic is starting to make headlines around the globe for its professionalism, service and outright results driven staff and that is the Campbelltown physio clinic run by New Age Campbelltown Physiotherapy Clinics. These guys have the latest equipment and skills required to rehabilitate any injury known to man. There are many types of injuries but most people complain about about Low Back Pain or Leg Pain, and we sometimes ignore this –thinking it will subside once you get enough rest. Having Low Back Pain could result from sitting for long hours that you didn’t notice –that your sitting position is not good, carrying heavy stuff can be the reason too. But trying to diagnose ourselves with just assumptions only is not safe for us. This is how Campbelltown Physio Clinics can help us for our problem. New Age Physio Clinics in Campbelltown clearly are leading the market these days. New Age Physio happen to be one of the best Sports physio clinics in Campbelltown



What Exactly Is Physiotherapy ?

So what is physiotherapy ? This is a common question asked by many people. Physio-Therapy is commonly called as Physical Therapist that can help you to your problems when you feel like you have any kind of pain. But did you know that pain has many forms? And did you know that physiotherapist has the different specialty to offer for their professional services and benefits to it -such as:

• Orthopedic which focus on Muscu- Skeletal injuries, and conditions that required for rehabilitation. Thus, it focuses also too some minor cases such as fractures, back pain, or sprain.
• Neurology which focuses on some Neurological disorder, damage or disease like for example Multiple Sclerosis or Stroke.
Campbelltown Sports Physio Therapy is specialized for any sports injury and responsible for the patient’s recovery through rehabilitation.
• Women’s Health is specialized for woman cases that has a problem in their pelvis area that results for incontinence, constipation, and pain.
• Pediatrics which focus only on children’s treatment that has been diagnosing with the congenital birth defect and developmental delays.
• Cardio-Pulmonary which focus on patient’s recovery, improving patient’s endurance and functional independence.

Any of these services can be provided by Physiotherapy clinics in Campbelltown. One common treatment they really specialize in is ACL injuries, so if your are looking for a specialist in that area, ACL Physio in Campbelltown is a must. They are the Campbelltown sports physio clinics with a difference

Work and Sports Related Injuries

Sports Injury Physio Clinics CampbelltownIf you are a sports player that got accident from playing -or even a worker outside of his work. Then any of New Age Campbelltown Physiotherapy Clinics can recommend you a Physio Therapist that can assess and describe the pain you are feeling right now and will provide a good rehabilitation for your treatment. The importance of rehab treatment is depending on the case that you have which will give a more assessment for you to validate exactly what treatment you will need in rehab. Let’s put an example case for better understanding how rehabilitation will aid you in fast healing. You have actually been diagnosed with Knee Sprain Injury which you will be dealt with for ACL referred to as ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT REHAB. Physio-Therapist will focus on gaining back range of movement, strength, and stability of your knee

• Exercise technique will be part of your rehabilitation to support the movement and strength of your quadriceps and hamstrings.
• Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation or NME technique will improve the quadriceps strength.

• Taping technique will provide stability and reduced swelling of your working muscles during the treatments.
The physiotherapist has many different types of technology that they used for patients depending on its condition and needs. Aside from that, they have many types of machine program that is available in their rehabilitation centers.

If you ask any of your Bringelly Sports Physio Clinics they will ask for a treatment then they will do a certain full assessment to identify which injury you are suffering.